Air Conditioning Equipment

During hot summer months, air conditioning is possibly the single largest portion of your electric bill. Have you noticed higher bills lately?

Utility Savings Calculator

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Replace your 10-year old equipment with a new high efficiency air conditioner from H.A. Lewis and SAVE! Calculation based on 20% average annual savings with high efficiency air conditioners over standard efficiency models.

air conditionerAs your air conditioning equipment gets older, it does not cool your home as efficiently, costing you more each month on energy bills. Reverse this trend with a quality air conditioner from H.A. Lewis! View the Trane® air conditioning units we recommend.

Fit Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle habits and size of your cooling unit are major factors in choosing proper home cooling and humidity control. Digital thermostats can be utilized with all of the air conditioners we install, to provide maximum performance and efficiency, especially when combined with a zoned cooling system. We also install indoor air quality systems and home humidifiers, to provide even further home comfort. It is extremely important to discuss all cooling options with a factory-trained H.A. Lewis expert. We would like to ensure that you are getting the right system for your home.