Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats are much more accurate than conventional mercury thermostats, which are no longer installed in new homes. They are the new standard because they are longer lasting and safer for the environment.

Programmable digital thermostats allow you to maximize your home comfort when you need to, and use less energy at night, or when you are not home. Adjust the system to heat or cool the rooms you use the most, without wasting energy on the rooms you do not.

H.A. Lewis installs a full selection of Trane® comfort controls, including digital thermostats and programmable thermostats to help you achieve maximum home comfort and efficiency. Call H.A. Lewis today to install one of these powerful thermostats:

Deluxe Programmable Digital Thermostat

XL900 Deluxe Programmable Thermostat
Trane® XL900 Series features the ComfortLinkTM II technology links system components for full-home control. It handles both temperature and humidity settings.

Programmable Digital Thermostat

XL600 Programmable Thermostat
Trane® XL600 Series 5/2 Programmable thermostats let you to manage your home’s comfort. As your comfort requirements change, you can change your settings quickly and easily.

Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat

XR400 Non-Programmable Thermostat
Trane® Non-Programmable thermostats are user friendly, and allow you to enjoy total comfort throughout your home.