Faucet Repair

faucetA leaking faucet wastes water, has an irritating sound, and can damage appliances over time. Luckily, H.A. Lewis is a master of faucet repair and faucet replacement. Whether part of a kitchen sink, shower, bathtub or laundry room, we can repair your faucet and save you money over time. Faucets and other fixtures wear out and eventually need to be fixed. But call (812) 425-9948 today, and we’ll make your worries drip away.

H.A. Lewis can also install new or upgraded faucets and fixtures for remodeling or new construction projects. Faucets can be decorative, but they’re also the most important utility in your home. Focus on the bigger picture, while H.A. Lewis handles your faucet installation and plumbing concerns. Leave it to the experts, and experience old-fashioned quality plumbing service.

Please call (812) 425-9948 or e-mail us with any faucet needs or replacement concerns.