Heat Pumps

H.A. Lewis is proud to sell and install Trane® heat pumps, a great two-in-one heating and cooling system you’ll appreciate when it gets cold outside.

Heat pump installations typically consist of an indoor air handler and an outdoor central air conditioning type unit. Refrigerant that draws and redistributes air (cool air or heat) is circulated between the indoor and outdoor units by a compressor.

  • Ideal for Indiana’s moderate climate.
  • Moves heat, versus generating it.
  • Stay warm in the low 20s, cool in the high 90s!

An all over solution for home comfort, heat pumps from Trane® can be a key part of your home comfort system. H.A. Lewis can help you determine if a heat pump system is the best heating option for you.

Ultra Efficiency XL20i System

XL20i Heat Pump

  • Peak performer in every season.
  • Efficiently warms and cools from extremes.

Super Efficiency XL15i System

XL15i Heat Pump

  • Low operating cost.
  • Quietest of all single-speed heat pumps.

High Efficiency XR15 System

XR15 Heat Pump

  • Reliable, cost-cutting efficiency.
  • Energy Star approved.

Standard Efficiency XB14 System

XB14 Heat Pump

  • Dependable performance.
  • Energy Star approve