Hybrid Heating Systems

Hybrid heating systems combine the benefits of electric and fossil fuel power into one effective home comfort system. Because the system adapts between fuel sources, it optimizes your home’s energy efficiency by using the source that works best for the seasonal and weather conditions. H.A. Lewis is proud to offer the Trane® Ultra Efficient EarthWise™ Hybrid Split system, which combines an XLi electric heat pump with a variable speed gas or oil furnace for peak efficiency.

  • Hybrid heating systems keep your home comfortable no matter what the climate
  • Electric heat pump maximizes the use of ambient heat in the air, warming your home during the cold, but milder months
  • System switches to gas or heating oil to provide sufficient heat for your desired comfort level in severe cold
  • System switch point includes the option to temporarily override the settings with a built in Comfort Control Module

During the warmer months, the heat pump reverses operation, pulling heat out of your home and redirecting it outside. Without igniting, the furnace serves as a variable speed blower circulating cooled air produced by the heat pump’s cooling operation. The Comfort-R™ technology controls humidity and circulates cool air more evenly throughout your home. This system is efficient, season after season, keeping your home comfortable and bills low.

H.A. Lewis also offers Trane® EarthWise™ Hybrid Packaged Systems, which include the same components found in the Hybrid Split System, but the components are engineered to work in concert, all in one attractive enclosure. The package approach lets you to select the best utility option based on energy costs and climate conditions. Our packaged hybrid heating systems are designed to adapt seamlessly to your needs, and include highly efficient XL16c and XL14c heat pumps. Call us to learn more about how a Hybrid Heating System can benefit your home.

XL16c Hybrid Heating System

XL16c Hybrid Heating SystemPremium energy efficiency, quiet operation and reliable performance are all standard with the XL 16c. Everything is contained in one attractive cabinet.

XL14c Hybrid Heating System

XL14c Hybrid Heating SystemThe XL14c hybrid heating system provides reliable, energy efficient performance, with quiet operation. The system is durable, and housed in one attractive cabinet.