5 Ways to Save Energy Costs This Winter

The winner of the least favorite season of the year goes to…winter!

The cold makes some of us sick, put on weight and spend more money. There is nothing more rewarding than a warm house after a busy day in the cold. Let’s learn how to relax in a warm house safely, without wasting energy costs:

1. Call H.A. Lewis for Heating Service or Installation
Most importantly, you need a residential heating system you can depend on. H.A. Lewis provides the best residential heating equipment available, as well as expert heating repair on existing systems. Our team of professionals undergoes on-going training on the latest in high efficiency furnaces, hybrid heating systems, indoor air quality systems, and other home comfort technology. As Trane® Comfort Specialists, we pledge to follow a strict set of Trane Best Practices every day.

2. Set an Ideal Temperature Setting
Set your thermostat to 68°F while in the house, and as low as 58°F when sleeping or away. Expect to see savings of 5% to 15% on your annual heating bill. This routine can be implemented manually or automatically, if you have a digital thermostat installed.

3. Use the Fireplace
Reignite your fireplace for free heat, and avoid the risk of a house fire. Here are some helpful tips to reduce the likelihood of any fire accidents:

  • Have your chimney swept at least once a year to remove soot. Ensure it’s free from cracks and has a cap to prevent the entry of small animals and outside debris.
  • Buy seasoned wood, and if unsure use a moisture meter to check dampness. Burning damp wood can create tar, which could result in a chimney fire.
  • A fire that burns too intensely does not last long. Bigger is not better in this case. Big fires have more smoke, which could damage the chimney. Place logs on a metal plate at the back of the fireplace and never use flammable fluids to light fire.
  • Use a spark guard to prevent hot coals jumping out from the fireplace.

4. Prepare Windows and Doors
Look for any air gaps around windows and door frames. If you find any, install weather stripping under entry doors and around windows. Replace summer window screens and screen doors with storm windows and storm doors.

5. Learn When to Use Plug-in Heaters
Portable electric heaters result in about 600 fires in the US each year. Portable heaters are great for making small spaces warm, so that you do not have to heat your whole property. However, use them with care and away from curtains, bedding and furniture.

We hope you found these tips to be helpful. Give us a call with any questions on how to keep your heating costs down this winter!

Prevent Water Damage this Vacation Season

Summer is our favorite season here at H.A. Lewis – warm nights, cookouts, and the chance to sneak out of town for a little summer vacation.

If you’re like us, the sentence above was enough to send you packing for Florida. No shame in that!  But on your way out, you should really consider water damage prevention.  There are simple steps to take before you leave town for an extended period, to prevent water damage at your home or business.

Our friends at The Family Handyman – a powerful Do-It-Yourself home improvement resource – describe 7 steps to safety-proof your belongings from water damage.  This article teaches you how to:

  • Shut off the main valve
  • Turn off water supply valves
  • Check your water supply lines
  • Test your sump pump
  • Check your gutters
  • Shut off the water to any exterior faucets
  • Protect your plumbing like a pro…and more!

Check out the article here >>.  And call us with any questions you may have on water damage prevention.

On your way out the door?  We will leave you with these energy-saving tips from the article above…

water damage proofing

Spring into Action and $ave Money!

As the seasons change, the thoughts of homeowners often turn to heating and cooling. Spring is the right time to consider whether or not you are ready for the hot days of summer! Now may be a great time to upgrade your home with central air conditioning. If you are thinking about investing in a new home heating and cooling system, there are a few things you should keep in mind besides comfort:

  • A new HVAC system will provide you with substantial energy savings, especially if you select a high efficiency or geothermal system.
  • If you are looking to sell your home, an updated HVAC system will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.
  • A high-efficiency furnace can save you up to 50% in operating costs over that of a ten-year-old furnace.
  • By installing a geothermal unit, you can realize up to 60% energy savings vs. traditional systems. An added geothermal system benefit is that heating, air conditioning and hot water can all be attained from a single compact unit.

Switching from AC units to central AC, will not only make your home more comfortable, it will be more desirable to prospective buyers as well. If you have a radiator heating system, consider adding central heating along with your central air. While radiator heating, if maintained regularly, is an effective heating approach, many homeowners and potential buyers consider radiators an intrusion on space. If you have central heating and air, a greater range of potential buyers will be attracted to your home because they will not want the trouble and added expense of updating the HVAC system in the home they buy.

H.A. Lewis not only offers you a great selection of Trane® HVAC equipment; we also provide worry-free protection through our Energy Savings Club.

We can help you find right system for your home and provide expert installation. Call us to discuss any of your heating and air conditioning needs. 

Federal Tax Credits for H.A. Lewis Customers

Maybe you’re filing your taxes for 2012.  OR, you’re considering a new heating and cooling unit in 2013.  Either way, you need to know about these federal tax credits!

Since it is tax season, we would like to inform you that homeowners are eligible to receive up to $500 for purchasing energy-efficient heating and cooling units. This tax credit is retroactive for 2012 and continues through 2013.

Although we are Trane Comfort Specialists®, this rebate is eligible to for any brand of equipment with units that fit the requirements below.

Please call us for details on what this rebate could mean for you!

Qualifying Equipment:

  • $300 tax credit limit for central split-system air conditioners meeting or exceeding 16 SEER and 13 EER.
  • $300 tax credit limit for split-system air-source heat pumps meeting or exceeding 15 SEER, 12.5 EER and 8.5 HSPF.
  • $300 tax credit limit for package air conditioners and package gas/electric units meeting or exceeding 14 SEER and 12 EER.
  • $300 tax credit limit for packaged heat pumps and packaged dual-fuel systems meeting or exceeding 14 SEER, 12 EER and 8 HSPF.
  • $150 tax credit limit for furnaces (natural gas, propane or oil) meeting or exceeding 95% AFUE. ($50 tax credit limit for advanced main air circulating fan using no more than 2% of the furnace’s total energy.)
  • $150 tax credit limit for boilers (natural gas, propane and oil) meeting or exceeding 95% AFUE.
  • $300 tax credit limit for electric heat pump water heaters with an energy factor of at least 2.0.
  • $300 tax credit limit for natural gas, propane and oil water heaters with an energy factor of at least 0.82 or a thermal efficiency of at least 90%.

PLEASE NOTE: Taxpayers that have taken more than $500 in 25c tax credits since January 1, 2005, are not eligible for any further credits.

Trane Celebrates 100 Years of Quality & Innovation

H. A. Lewis is proud to partner with Trane® to bring you the very best in energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as dehumidifying and air cleaning products. This year marks 100 years since the incorporation of The Trane Company in 1913, following its beginnings as a local family plumbing business.

In commemoration of its anniversary, Trane created a corporate video that highlights its success and achievements. The video begins by noting the development of an innovative low pressure steam heating system by James and Reuben Trane, and continues with a discussion of the company’s history of delivering performance, innovation, commitment, and knowledge to the industry. The video concludes with Trane North America President – Dave Regnery – commenting that Trane’s people, brand, and innovation have made it a powerful organization.

Trane is dedicated to bringing comfort, efficiency, and productivity to customers through an ever-expanding quality line of reliable HVAC products. We at H.A. Lewis, share in that dedication, and are committed to doing all that it takes to be Evansville’s most trusted Trane Comfort Specialist. Our team meets all criteria and participates in the ongoing factory training required for Trane Comfort Specialist certification. Our experts are factory-trained by Trane, so we are qualified to perform Trane installations efficiently, while providing warranty service and emergency service support on all major brands including Trane.

The H. A. Lewis team congratulates Trane on 100 years of quality and looks forward to continued innovation in the years to come!

Service Agreements: Beat Winter Cold

Winter is here in the Evansville area. This time of year, we must rely on the comfort of our heating systems to keep us cozy at home.  But when a heater acts up, a hat and gloves can only keep you warm for so long.  Call on H.A. Lewis to get your heat back on track and your home comfortable again with speed and ease.

Have you considered joining our Energy Savings Club?  We offer members priority options for expedited service calls during an emergency, and our experts will ensure you’re getting the best value from your home heating/cooling system.

Let us explain a bit more about the great benefits a no-hassle membership can offer you today…

Members of the Energy Savings Club count on premiere customer care 24/7 at no additional cost for emergency service.  There’s never an overtime charge, and you’ll even enjoy a 15% discount on repairs.

But that’s not all – as an Energy Savings member, you should expect fewer repairs in general and extended equipment life.  We provide Precision Tune-Ups for Energy Savings club members semi-annually for the duration of your agreement.

Your home heating and cooling system is important to you and it’s important to us.  We strongly recommend regular professional cleaning and tune-ups to make sure your equipment is running optimally.  This will save you money on utility bills, and help to prevent headaches and emergencies down the road.

Check out the Residential Energy Savings Agreement below for more specifics on benefits included in the membership options.  Join today and rest assured that as a member of the Energy Savings Club, you’re top priority for the trained experts here at H.A. Lewis.

Download and Print our Residential Energy Savings agreement, or give us a call to discuss the Energy Savings Club with a local H.A. Lewis expert.

JUST LAUNCHED – The “Moose Call”

Listen up – we’ve got some exciting news for the Greater Evansville community.  The “Moose Call” Blog launches today!

We here at H.A. Lewis Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, Inc. are launching a blog just for you.  We take pride in our well-established reputation of excellent customer service, and we’re taking it to the next level here online by offering you a source of current information, industry trends, tips-and-tricks, and advice to save you money.

The goal of the “Moose Call” Blog is to share plumbing and HVAC related topics that are important to you.  We will be posting a variety of entries – from DIY plumbing tips to cost-saving heating and cooling suggestions for your home or business.  We’ll mix it up by offering basic troubleshooting guidelines, simple plumbing precautions and warning signs, and we’ll keep you up to date on how you can extend the life of your HVAC system for endless comfort.  Not sure how or when to change your AC’s filter?  Don’t worry – we’ll give you seasonal reminders and handy instructions so you can get the best performance out of your home or commercial system.

Interested in energy savings and efficient technologies?  We’ve got you covered on that, too.  Expect to see posts on current geothermal heating and cooling systems, relevant green equipment advances, and tips that you can implement yourself to “green” your HVAC.

We’ll also give you a peek at highlights from our latest projects and let you know about our current involvement in the Greater Evansville community.

Stay tuned and be sure to check back often! Better yet, add us to your RSS Feeds so you never miss a post.