Toilet Plumbing Repair

dual flash water efficient modelHere at H.A. Lewis, we know toilet repairs can’t wait. Toilet problems are often routine, and we can fix your toilet quickly. However, we also know how to spot signs of bigger problems. If your toilet:

  • Always runs
  • Clogs regularly
  • Contains rising water or overflow
  • Lacks flushing power
  • Often requires plunging

…or displays other symptoms, call the experts at H.A. Lewis for plumbing repair. A corroded overflow pipe or worn out valve is no match for your local expert plumbers. Plus, our service will quickly pay itself off on future water bills.

Maybe you’re remodeling or are building a new construction project? H.A. Lewis can help with new toilet installation as well as plumbing repair. A toilet that runs regularly and efficiently is a must in every home. H.A. Lewis is happy to install many popular models. And when you experience our old-fashioned quality service, you will remember H.A. Lewis the next time you need a toilet fixed.

Please call (812) 425-9948 or e-mail us with any toilet installation, service or replacement concerns.